Over the years, the Lozza brand has won over many a generation by means of its personal, family and corporate success story, to become one of the most fascinating household names in Italian eyewear.


Three iconic models – Macho, Zilo and Cooper – have shaped the history of the Lozza brand, establishing themselves in the collective imagination as unique products with a timeless charm.


For over a century, Lozza’s Italian design has gone hand in hand with the continuous search for classic yet refined details to bestow a timeless aesthetic to each and every model. This authentic style and allure has cemented Lozza’s status as a unique and inimitable eyewear brand since 1878.



Immerse yourself in the Lozza universe: delve through the advertising campaigns and Capsule Collections that have underwritten the brand’s history. These collections – in collaboration with big household names in the music and art industries – encapsulate a content-rich aesthetic, capable of satisfying contemporary needs.