Lozza Arte

The new Lozza Arte Capsule Collection is a magical fusion of history and uniqueness, an exaltation of art in all its shades. Divided into two elegant families, Arpeggio and Adagio, names that evoke Lozza's deep roots in art and design, the collection celebrates the Italian excellence known worldwide. Each model encapsulates the heritage that has made Lozza a timeless icon since 1878.
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Lozza monogram on the front
Elegant hinge with a 5-line frieze


To support the launch of the new collection, Lozza has collaborated with the eclectic artist Luigi Masecchia, who, on this occasion, has masterfully reinterpreted the famous Lozza poster from the 1950s. He involved 14 people with disabilities and used over 1600 crown caps, transforming the brand’s glorious past into an inclusive and innovative experience.

Luigi Masecchia, the only artist in the world to shape a new artistic language through the reuse of metal caps, founded TAPPOST in 2012, a non-profit organization that provides space and support to individuals from disadvantaged groups. This makes them co-authors of his works, contributing to a more inclusive and meaningful artistic world.