Since 1878

A story with a vision

There exist hidden tales, adventures that root themselves in time and special places. Our story begins under the imposing shadow of a centuries-old sequoia in the captivating Cadore Valley. Leaf by leaf, this sequoia becomes the guardian of over 100 years of innovations, elegantly outlining the narrative of a brand that has transformed each pair of glasses into a symbol of style.

In the vibrant heart of Cadore, the visionary Giovanni Lozza transforms his enterprise into an extraordinary journey. As generations of Italians seek fortune elsewhere, Giovanni Lozza bets on his homeland, inaugurating the first factory that would eventually become the epicenter of artisanal excellence.

A tale of elegance, where the past merges with the present, and the future unveils itself in every detail.

01.Looking to the future, thinking in the present

02. Different paths in front of our eyes

03.A new season: the fifties

04.New frontiers, same elegance: the sixties

05.Vajont: the world afterwards

06.Standing out, but with style: the seventies

07.So light, so impatient: the eighties

08.The new millenium