Zilo becomes
a Historic Italian Brand

The legendary Zilo style by Lozza, created in the 1940s, enters the history books of Italian eyewear thanks to its entry in the Special Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest.


The Register, established by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, is a project designed to protect the ownership of historic Italian companies and national examples of excellence. A tool for the enhancement of Made-in-Italy manufacturing, characterised by values such as innovation, sustainability and international competitiveness

Zilo celebrates the savoir-faire of the De Rigo Group, and its expertise in creating eyewear inspired by a timeless elegance and design, exquisite materials and unique details. Since its creation, Zilo has pursued and constantly redefined the goal of offering beauty and authenticity to a demanding global clientele.

The first Zilo style was designed based on a distinctly innovative combination for its time, masterfully fusing two new materials never used before: celluloid and metal. Confirmed over the years as one of Lozza’s ‘iconic’ styles, Zilo has made the history books of costume in Italy: millions of pieces were sold in the post-war period and it even took home a Fashion Oscar in the 1960s. But it was in the 1970s that the Zilo phenomenon really exploded, becoming a cult eyewear style and the symbol of an era.

In addition to its impact on the world of fashion, Zilo has a deep historical bond with Italy, having been worn by famous figures in the arts and sports worlds, and accompanying the country at significant moments in its history, giving the style an aura of prestige and authenticity, and making it a symbol of excellence and national pride.

The continuous reinterpretation and inclusion of the Zilo style in the various Lozza collections demonstrate its continued relevance in the world of fashion and eyewear, as well as Lozza’s ability to adapt to stylistic changes and consumer needs.

This accolade comes two years after Lozza itself was awarded the prestigious title of historic trademark, further confirming the brand’s importance in the Italian eyewear scene.

“We are particularly proud of this acknowledgement, a special prize for the Zilo style that not only celebrates its design and excellent craftsmanship, but also its importance in the tradition of Italian eyewear. It is a tribute to the creative vision and the work done by Lozza in keeping this part of the Italian cultural heritage alive and kicking, contributing to the prestige of the brand internationally” comments Barbara De Rigo, Chief Marketing Officer of De Rigo.


The 8-episode series “A story with a vision” was recently made to celebrate the heritage of Lozza, a brand that originated in 1878 and was responsible for the birth of the Belluno eyewear district. Produced in animated graphics, the series traces the history of the brand through a mix of hand-drawn illustrations and photo collages. Co-starring in the series is Faé’s majestic giant redwood, which survived the Vajont disaster, and bears witness to the brand’s strong connection with its territory. For each episode, research was performed on the Lozza archives so that the brand’s most iconic styles, elements and colours could be used, and each decade of reference represented as faithfully as possible.