Eyewear is synonymous with style and protection. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage the retina, and it is for this reason that Lozza chooses its lenses very carefully: from the choice of material, to the assembly and best lens colour… every single detail is painstakingly selected. A manufacturing process focused on the perfect outcome. Because eyes are important and Lozza strives to take care of them.

Material and treatments

Lozza carefully hand-picks its lenses, and this is why the brand predominantly uses CR39, a thermosetting plastic which is an excellent alternative to glass and makes the lenses lighter yet more shock resistant. CR39 can easily be dyed and coated with anti-glare treatments, and retains its colour over time.

Lozza has recently included crystal lenses in its collection; the best material that can be used in terms of lens quality. Scratch resistant, fully transparent and dimensionally stable yet very fragile, therefore subjected to a hardening process to enhance its resistance.

Solid tints

Solid-tinted lenses have always been the crowning glory of the Lozza brand. The solid tints can be found in the brand’s sunglass collections, mainly in the colours roviex, smoke grey and grey-green. Lightweight and resistant: they help reduce brightness and protect the eyes from UV rays, with their intensities varying according to the lens shade.


Gradient is a special dyeing technique that sets the lenses apart by providing greater colour intensity at the top that gradually decreases towards the bottom, thus creating an original graduated effect. The gradient lenses are perfect while driving as they shield your eyes considerably from overhead sunlight.


The mirrored Lozza lenses boast a very thin, almost transparent metallic surface layer. This stylish detail is indisputably aesthetic and does wonders for the eyes. The lightweight yet shock-resistant mirrored lenses protect the eyes from UVA and UVB rays by reflecting sunlight and shielding the wearer’s eyes.


Just like a protective hug for the eyes, polarised lenses are able to absorb reflections and reduce intense glare caused by light hitting reflective surfaces, such as ice or water. This lens type helps reduce eye strain by allowing a more clear-cut and defined colour vision.


A thin coating of metallic elements surrounds the anti-glare lenses, reducing the reflection of sunlight and artificial light on the surface of the lenses themselves. Particularly suited for driving as the treatment reduces the sun’s glare, thus improving visibility.