Personality lies in the details, attention and dedication that transform an object into history and style. With its art, painstaking precision, attention and craftsmanship, Lozza has forever influenced the history of Italian eyewear design and earned its prominent position as far as quality craftsmanship culture is concerned.

The frieze

Thanks to its attention to detail and refined craftsmanship, Lozza has settled upon a distinctive and easily-recognisable element: a patented frieze consisting of five lines that recall the five letters that make up the brand’s name. A timeless signature that epitomises the high-quality Italian design that has always set the Lozza products apart. For models with slender metal temples, the frieze is engraved at the top of the temple, whilst models with a distinctive hinged closure, feature a moulded version where the temple begins. The metal core is only visible on the solid-coloured underside of the acetate models and on the outside of the crystal variants.

The cashmere effect

Continuous research into distinctive and refined shapes has led Lozza to develop the sophisticated cashmere-look decorative element over time. The attention-to-detail-accentuating metal temple finish adds a unique touch and value to each product. Together with the iconic five-line frieze, this elegant decoration bestows a timeless style – able to unmistakably express the wearer’s personality – to the eyewear models in the new collections.

The "L" monogram

An elegant and decorative yet functional detail that bestows a modern and contemporary look to the model with its unique signature Lozza detail. Originally created as an interpretation of the “L” used in the first advertising campaigns and the iconic Macho model, it has now become a contemporary and distinctive symbol that embodies the very soul of the brand. The “L” monogram finds pride of place on the Lozza front pieces and has become an integral part of the hinge, by accentuating the magnetic clip-on appliqué and, in turn, bestowing a practical yet elegant touch to the eyewear.

The hinges

In Lozza eyewear, even the smallest detail is the result of extensive and profound research; each hinge, which now boasts five joints, has been designed to ensure maximum stability and high quality value. Every single small component is also painstakingly chosen; each hinge screw has a cross-shaped head as a symbol of elegance and extreme refinement, which bestows prestige and value to the eyewear.

The logo

Four uppercase letters and one lowercase to communicate the Lozza founding values: history, reliability, expertise and style. A different letter that embodies the unusual, innovative and imaginative aspects that set Lozza apart, without ever betraying the brand’s uniqueness and refinement. A distinctive element to enhance the original details; the smaller letter is supported by the other larger ones and they serve to exemplify the set of details that make the Lozza brand unique at heart.