Lozza stars on the silver screen

the new film “Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia”

Lozza returns to the silver screen with the Zilo style, starring in the new film “Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia”, which tells the story of the legendary rally race between Audi and Lancia in 1983.

A contemporary story that recounts the past of two prestigious rival teams, interpreted by an exceptional international cast.
The film expresses all the strength, determination and power of the Lancia team that, led by team manager Cesare Fiorio – played by Riccardo Scamarcio – succeeded in an epic feat: the glorious and unexpected victory over Audi, emblem of sophisticated German technology, with the two-wheel drive 037 model. A victory that no one would have put their money on. The revenge of a team that successfully fought back with heart, passion and outstanding skills.

In the film, the protagonist Cesare Fiorio/Riccardo Scamarcio wears Zilo 2.0 (SL4330), the iconic Lozza eyewear restyled for the occasion in a contemporary key, to fully express the typical Italian elegance, style and excellence.

“The historical bond of our Lozza brand with the world of art and Italian excellence is once again renewed in this partnership with the world of cinema,” comments Barbara De Rigo, Chief Marketing Officer of the De Rigo Group, “A film that promises to be enthralling and that celebrates stories and characters that have become part of the legend of our country, just like the iconic Lozza styles.

Lozza is a brand created with the ability to understand and often anticipate the style of its time. Zilo is the perfect eyewear choice for every outfit, thanks to the unmistakable mix of refined elegance and understatement that has always won over those with a natural sense of style. The style, which comes in 4 colour variants, is available in the best optical shops.

“Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia” is directed by Stefano Mordini and written by Mordini himself, with Filippo Bologna and Riccardo Scamarcio. In the cast, alongside Scamarcio, are Volker Bruch, Katie Clarkson-Hill, Esther Garrel, Giorgio Montanini, Gianmaria Martini, Haley Bennett and Daniel Brühl. The film is a Lebowski, Rai Cinema, Hanway Films production, co-produced by Davis Film in association with Mas srl, produced by Riccardo Scamarcio and Jeremy Thomas, co-produced by Victor Hadida.

Following its release in the United States on 5 January and in French cinemas from 7 February, “Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia” will be released in Italy on 14 March, distributed by Medusa Film.